FLEXOPOWER MOJAVE 150 Watt foldable solar panels Kit

20A Regulator with LCD display - CAMPING SOLAR KIT, 150W

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Each kit comes standard with a 10m extension cord (park in shade, panel in sun) and a 20A LCD solar regulator.

Users love the Mojave 150W with 20A LCD regulator solar kit because:

  • its plug and play.
  • Manufactured with high-efficient (22%) mono-crystalline solar cells
  • Outstanding ease of transportation and very user friendly
  • Powerful output and low light tolerant
  • Tri-fold solar panel contains no glass and Aluminium
  • Collapsible supporting legs tilt panel at 45 degrees delivering noticeably more power during winter months and early morning / late afternoon
  • Modern 20A LCD solar regulator with 2 x USB outlets. Efficient charge algorithm.
  • 10m extension cord allows for the panel to be in the sun and park the vehicle in the shade
  • Each solar panel can be secured with ground pegs or rope against wind
Strategy Park in Shade, Panel in the Sun
  • 1 x 150 Watt foldable solar panels with a unique serial number
  • Junction box with lead wire Anderson Grey SB50 Connectors
  • 10m extension cord with Anderson grey SB50 connectors, 4mm2
  • Modern and reliable 20A regulator with large LCD display and 2 x USB outlets
Rated Output, STC 150 Watt
Max. Operating Voltage 17.3 V
Operating Current 8.7 A
Dimension Folded 510 x 670 x 20 mm
Dimension Deployed 510 x 1650 x 5 mm
Weight 4 kg (solar panel)

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