Why An Off-Road Camper Is Better Than A Tent

by vivianconquerorjhb | Nov 25, 2019

Why An Off-Road Camper Is Better Than A Tent

Fans of off-road camping are always looking for the easiest, most practical options when it comes to living out in nature. Considering how wild and untamed Africa is, it is almost impossible to pack light. Preparing for the harsh elements is vital, as a lack of planning might lead to difficulty.

If you have been adventuring for many years, then you understand how to best organise a trip in such a way that saves time, money, and space. What if, though, you could find a way of camping that did not require as much preparation, and even allowed you far more packing space? Perhaps you have considered purchasing an off-road camper in the past but did not pursue the idea further, or maybe you were not yet aware of how an off-road camper could improve your life. At Conqueror, we understand that making the change from traditional camping to travelling with something different might be daunting, which is why we have decided to address that apprehension and introduce you to a superior way of exploring the wild.

Why Tents Are So Popular

Tents have many advantages, such as the fact that they are cost-effective and leave you feeling immersed in nature. For many, another reason why tents are so enjoyable stems from childhood memories with families and friends. The sight, smell, and sound of a tent all take one back to simpler times roasting marshmallows around a fire. This is about where the pros end and the cons begin, unfortunately. Tents take a long time to set up and pack up again, are not very secure, and often suffer damage from overexposure to the elements. Tents also take up much space in a standard, compact trailer, which does not leave room for much else.

Off-Road Campers Have the Edge

Even for seasoned explorers, unpacking a car or small trailer takes a lot of effort and can become a rather mundane chore, which not only takes time away from enjoying your surroundings but proves to be quite frustrating when one component of your setup is missing or not working as it should. An off-road camper affords you the luxury of comfortable bedding, ample packing room, a workspace while cooking, and the ability to quickly pack up and go when the time comes. With an off-road camper, you can take the comforts of home with you while still enjoying the environment in which you find yourself.

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