Quality Off-Road Trailers

by ronelileadetal | Nov 30, 2020

Are Conqueror Off-Road Trailers High Quality?

At first glance, the range of off-road trailers available might seem overwhelming. With so many options, from simple open trays to cages to closed boxes and fully kitted-out campers, how exactly does one decide what to go for?

When it comes to off-road trailers, there’s one aspect that becomes a crucial point of comparison – quality.

Happily, this is one of Conqueror’s strong points. Given their roots in military contracting, where superior performance is the one and only factor that counts, Conqueror has developed a line of top-quality off-road trailers that shine in every category.

Crazy Strength

All Conqueror campers are built on a tried and tested galvanised steel frame. The coated steel frame resists corrosion, chipping and scratches, and makes use of fasteners instead of welds to avoid concentrated load stresses in the frame and ensure maximum durability.

This use of fasteners also has the added benefit of allowing individual parts of the frame to be replaced if they become damaged, saving on repair and maintenance costs. When it comes to performance, nothing is going to outshine the strong base of Conqueror’s high-quality off-road trailers and caravans.

No Compromise on Comfort

Conqueror’s quality off-road trailers provide many creature comforts, including hot showers, hot and cold running tap water, deep fridges, gas-powered stovetops, large comfortable sleeping areas, ample shading, and even more extension options.

Solar panels can be used to keep the battery topped up for extended trips, meaning that cameras, cell-phones and all sorts of electronic devices can be kept up to charge for the duration of the trip, even when there’s no electricity for kilometres around.

Conqueror makes it easy to convince those stubborn city-dwellers to come along for a good time.


Decades of experience has refined the design of Conqueror’s high-quality off-road trailers to the point that they almost couldn’t be easier to use. Every detail of the setup and pack up process is thoughtfully designed for ease of use and time efficiency.

It’s a universal sign of quality if a product has every detail well thought out, and Conqueror’s quality off-road trailers offer simply the best user experience available.

Nimble in the Rough

The quality of Conqueror’s off-road trailers extends to the driving experience as well. The trailer is lightened by the use of aluminium on many of the body’s components. This goes hand in hand with independent suspension, braked axel, and standard all-terrain tyres to deliver no-complaints cruising on a wide range of surfaces.

This excellent setup enables you to go where you’ve always wanted with minimal fuss – add to this the recognisable tucked-in tail on all Conqueror campers, and you’ve got a trailer that can go anywhere your vehicle can.

See For Yourself

Have a look at the range today, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable folks at Conqueror. Expert advice and service are available right across South Africa, and there are also rentals available, so there’s no excuse not to experience the superior quality Conqueror’s range has to offer.