Quality Off-road Trailers Range

by ronelileadetal | Jan 18, 2021

How Conqueror Defines Quality with Our Off-road Trailers

The Conqueror Comfort is our flagship high-quality off-road trailer, and comes fully equipped to provide a comfortable and functional platform on which to build a great getaway. The Recce and Platinum edition trailers go beyond to deliver quality and convenience for off-road living and come stocked with a full range of living and leisure accessories with which to kick-start your life of exploring the beautiful plains and cool coasts of South Africa.

So, What’s Inside?

The Conqueror Comfort manages to house a huge king size bed that’s actually wider than the trailer when it’s all packed up. This bed folds out as part of the large tent, which you don’t even have to manually unfold. An electric motor deploys the tent at the simple turn of a switch. The tent is made of durable coated canvas, which has an impressive resistance to wear and tear.

The large interior also houses a vanity cupboard and big drawers for clothing or other items, and is lit by LED lights that are powered by the trailer’s battery. Air quality and temperature are managed by the well-placed roll up windows on all sides of the tent enclosure, providing great ventilation if needed.

How We Define Quality in Off-road Trailers

Though our trailers provide a great off-road towing experience, the Comfort is never more impressive than when fully deployed in the wild. The excellent kitchen, and overall layout, is designed to deliver a quality camping experience even in unfavourable conditions. The range of awnings available include a massive 7m x 7m awning, that can provide enough cover for the whole family to have a sheltered sit down with room to spare!

The retractable kitchen provides for all your culinary needs, and is equipped with a dual basin, fridge, hot and cold water, drawers and cupboards for cutlery, crockery, bottles, food and more. There is even a large fold-out camping table stowed above the kitchen drawer, that can be set up anywhere for extra working space.

A hot and cold shower forms part of the exterior functionality of the Comfort, as is the case on most of our campers. This shower is fed by the hefty 150 litre water tank and has a convenient enclosure with storage for some toiletries. This isn’t just a high-quality off-road trailer – it’s the cutting edge of bush luxury.

Powering Our Quality Off-road Trailers

The Comfort is powered by two deep cycle batteries that can be charged either by a vehicle or solar panels. An optional upgrade to the control unit will provide water management information, a DC-to-DC boost and MPPT solar regulator. Solar panels become very useful if you’re off-roading far from civilisation.

Quality Trailer Construction

All Conqueror products are proudly tough, and specifically designed to handle off-road conditions. Our body components are assembled using high quality glue and fasteners to ensure a long life. Powder coating is also used to protect parts from damage and scratching that can lead to the formation of rust. Aluminium is used where possible to save on weight and lighten the load on the capable suspension.

The body rests on a galvanised boxed A-frame with an auto-reverse 2000kg coupler. The auto-reverse feature works to prevent the run-in brakes from activating when trying to reverse. 16” alloy rims wrapped in quality off-road tyres are ready to carry your trailer through the toughest tracks.

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