Off-road Trailers for a Fantastic Getaway

by dewet | Feb 18, 2020

Why Off-Road Trailers Make for A Fantastic Getaway

The year has barely begun and already, most of us have a hankering to break free from civilisation for a few days. Getting in touch with our undomesticated side and exploring the untamed wilderness of our continent is a notion that calls to us, a desire that is deeply ingrained in our DNA. Is it any wonder at all that South Africans are some of the most avid campers and Bushveld boffins in the world? With that said, one product, in particular, does a lot of heavy lifting and adds to the experience of exploring life off the beaten track: off-road trailers. Off-road trailers allow one to traverse unyielding terrain in style and comfort and certainly make camping a whole lot more fun.

The Benefits of Time Spent Outdoors

We all know camping is enjoyable – that’s why so many people do it in their downtime. Are there any benefits, however, to spending time in the great outdoors? As it turns out, there are, and these benefits give us some compelling reasons to explore the natural, wild beauty of Africa. Some of the advantages of time spent camping include:

  • Getting back to basics: Most people remember a time when their mother would shoo them out of the kitchen and tell them to play outside. Those days, we all took for granted the simplicity of time spent outdoors. As an adult, breaking away from a busy, cluttered life resets your mind, refreshes your body, and reawakens your soul.
  • Quality time with people you love: If you deal with a high-pressure work schedule and never really spend any meaningful time with friends or family, camping is ideal. The best place to bond and enjoy each other’s company is outdoors where worries are few and laughter abundant.
  • Fresh air and vitamin D: The city with its pollutants and crowded spaces sometimes feels suffocating. Getting out into nature, far from the blinding lights and blaring sirens is a welcome respite. Fresh air, a little healthy sun exposure, and tranquil surroundings do anyone a world of good.

We Prioritise Durability

As peaceful as the outdoors are, they do come with a few obstacles to tackle. Off-road trailers make travelling over such hurdles a breeze. Our range is built to take a beating and resist wear and tear, fading, chipping, and scratches – and are also easily repaired when needed.

We Keep Comfort in Mind

Liveability is essential to us because it means that your journey is simplified and enjoyable – and that you are never too far away from the comforts of your own home. Our off-road trailers include features such as spacious compartments for storage, kitchen space, a work area, as well as instant, on-demand hot water and shower plumbing.

You Can Focus on What Matters

Settling down for the night at a camping spot and packing up again in the morning could not be easier with our range of off-road trailers. Now, you can minimise time spent on unpleasant tasks, which frees up more time for pioneering your way over uncharted land.

Get in touch with us at Conqueror Johannesburg and finally invest in that camper trailer you have been eyeing for a while.