Here Is What Puts Our 4×4 Trailers and Caravans in A Class of Their Own

by vivianconquerorjhb | Nov 11, 2019

Overland adventuring, particularly off-road, is gaining traction in South Africa. More and more individuals and families are appreciating the wild, untamed splendour that our country has to offer. As such, finding the right off-road equipment is a necessity. Fortunately, our award-winning 4×4 trailers and caravans not only get the job done but do so very well. Those shopping for off-road towing vehicles will find that hardly anything compares to our range here at Conqueror, so we invite you to come and have a closer look at what we have on offer.

We Do Tough

Over 30 years ago, we started out as a manufacturer of military towing vehicles. Such products need to be exceptionally tough, durable, and able to navigate just about any terrain with ease. As the leisure camping industry grew, so did we. Our range thus expanded to include 4×4 trailers and caravans made to military-grade specifications while allowing for liveable luxury.

We Do Comfort

Roughing it in the wild does not need to mean one forgoes the comforts of home. At Conqueror, we don’t see comfort as a luxury; we see it as a necessity when it comes to our 4×4 trailers and caravans. Our models are spacious, offer space aplenty, and come with fantastic features such as showers, dual basins, and workstations.

We Do Accessories

Those who love to kit out their off-road towing vehicles will find our 4×4 trailers and caravans ideal. We stock some of the following accessories at our branches:
• Solar panels and extension cables
• Solar chargers
• Solar mat kits
• Solar regulators
• Window netting
• Bin bags
• Bed-linen bags
• Insta-Awns (by Conqueror)
• Nosecone travel blankets
• Fridge/freezer combos

Apart from the accessories we stock, our models are designed to accommodate extra accessories such as purpose-made tents, awnings, and covers. Mounting holes and anchor points incorporated into the design mean you can customise your Conqueror product to suit your needs.

We Do Superior Service

For us at Conqueror, it’s all about how we can help our clients get the most out of their travels. As outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we understand a camper’s needs and concerns – and our highly trained staff will assist you with any support you need. We offer advice, repairs, and servicing.

Why not drop by and see for yourself what makes Conqueror top of its class? You could also view our range of quality 4×4 trailers and caravans online, and fill out a contact form on our website to get in touch today.