Great Off-Road Caravans

by ronelileadetal | Sep 01, 2020

Seven Essential Features of Great Off-Road Caravans

Adventure awaits you around every corner in South Africa, but if you truly want to experience the absolute best this country has to offer, your best option would be to venture off the beaten track. There’s a whole world of majestic mountain ranges, endless bushveld and pristine beaches out there waiting for you to discover it. And, if you’re prepared properly, you don’t even have to rough it to experience it. That’s exactly what quality off-road caravans are for.

So, what makes a good caravan? Here are seven important features to look out for when shopping for quality off-road caravans:

  1. A Strong and Firm Chassis

This is the foundation of a caravan that holds everything in place, so you want it to be strong and durable. Preferably look for an option that favours smaller components that are bolted together over the welded variety, as this reduces metal fatigue and makes component replacement easier.

  1. Axle and Wheels That are Suitable for Dirt Roads

Generally, independent suspension provides improved handling both on- and off-road, improved axle articulation over obstacles, increased ride heights and superior ride quality compared to conventional solid beam axles

  1. Suitable Construction Materials

Beware of stainless-steel construction, as this is still susceptible to corrosion. and avoid nylon and fibreglass accessories that are prone to deteriorate. Look for options with galvanised steel chassis and core body frames, and that comes with tents made from coated ripstop canvas for extreme durability.

  1. Sturdy, Yet Intelligent Body Construction

Let’s face it, you’re going into the bush, and no matter how careful you are, your caravan must be built to take a beating. A modular design allows for easy panel replacements in case of an accident, while powder coating over other finishes provide a higher degree of resistance to scratches, chipping, wear and fade.

  1. The Necessary Amenities and Accessories

Make sure your caravan comes with the necessary tents and awnings that are easy to set up, as well as batteries, water tanks and storage solutions (and any other amenities) that meet your specific camping requirements.

  1. Availability of Parts

Accidents and wear and tear are unfortunate facts of life. But what do you do if there are no spare parts available where you are for your awesome caravan? Make sure you choose a model of which the parts are manufactured locally.

  1. Accessible Service

The same goes for the servicing of your caravan – make sure that your dealer also offers service and repairs facilities to keep your caravan in top shape.

The Best Off-Road Caravans in South Africa

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If you’re looking for the best possible off-road caravans on the market, get in touch with the team at Conqueror Northgate. Our technical, sales and support teams are dedicated to providing you with superior service and expert advice.