Conqueror 4×4 Camping Trailers

by ronelileadetal | Dec 17, 2020

Go Anywhere Your Heart Desires with Conqueror 4×4 Camping Trailers

The Conqueror fleet has been designed with off-road and 4×4 travel in mind. As comfortable as they are on the freeway, they feel right at home on dirt, rocks, and grassy fields. Originally conceived as battle ready accommodation for use in the military, these 4×4 camping trailers and caravans are built tough, without compromise, and are always ready for the demands of driving well off the beaten path.

Here Are a Few Things to Keep in Mind When Going on a 4×4 Path with a Trailer:

The Conqueror range has excellent departure angles, especially the Conqueror Courage and Compact. This makes off-road driving a lot less stressful, since tricky ridges and hills can be navigated much more safely.

Usually, the tactic to go up or down a steep angle change without scraping is to come at it diagonally. This creates a serious risk of tipping, however, and should be avoided as much as possible. The Conqueror 4×4 camping trailers and caravans allow for head-on approaches to inclination changes, which are much safer and more easily controlled. It is also advisable to have someone spotting you from outside the vehicle. They can guide you along a narrow path or watch your clearances over a difficult section of road.

Extra Tip: Accidents happen. Even if you are very careful, 4×4 driving is quite risky to your vehicle and you may end up with a cracked tow hitch or some other problem. It is advisable to always carry a trailer plug adaptor (round to flat) when travelling in a convoy. This way, if something happens to a tow hitch, the 4×4 trailer can be hooked up to another vehicle.

Our campers are equipped with run-in brakes: these are a great solution to the problem of how to slow down a trailer. One problem run-in brakes present, though, is that they often don’t allow you to reverse with a trailer, since your vehicle is now pushing into the tow hitch and activating the brakes.

Reversing a Trailer Tip: If you are in a 4×4 vehicle, use low range gearing to reverse, even if its straight over flat ground, since it allows you to leave the clutch and focus on reversing. Also, undo your seatbelt so you can lean out the window if you need to, and make frequent adjustments on the steering wheel. The more inputs you give to the steering, the finer your control over the direction of travel.

Many 4×4 trailers need to be reversed very slowly to avoid brake activation or require manual disengagement of the braking system before you can reverse. Conqueror campers, however, have an auto-reverse feature. This is a design of the brakes which keeps the brakes disengaged when the wheels roll backwards.

In a 4×4 situation, you may not be able to get out and adjust your trailer’s brakes before reversing, only to do the same thing when you want to carry on along the path. This is why the auto-reverse features on all of our campers.

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