Conqueror 2020 Winter Rally – Camping Trailer Selection

by dewet | Mar 18, 2020

Passionate About Camping Trailers? Visit the 2020 Conqueror Winter Rally

Here at Conqueror Johannesburg, we enjoy all things camping. We know how strong the call of the wild can be and this is an excitement that we share with our customers. For us, exploring the great outdoors is more than just a hobby or pastime; it’s what we eat, sleep, and breathe. Because our customers are so important to us, we would like to invite you to our annual winter rally. We welcome guests to show off their new or second-hand camping trailers and caravans and get to know people who share in this same passion. You could also bring the family on an outing for the day – it’s all up to you.

When it Takes Place

Our exciting event this year will take place in May. This means the days are far cooler and the Bushveld weather is all too pleasant, without the frost of winter having set in yet. From Friday the 15th to Sunday the 17th, you will get to enjoy a relaxing weekend getaway with us in a peaceful, convivial, and lively atmosphere. Set your weekend apart for the occasion or pay us a visit on the Saturday for some fun-filled activities and a lekker braai or picnic.

Where It’s Happening

The 2020 Conqueror Winter Rally is taking place at Koro-Koro Safari Lodge. Situated less than 20 km from Bela-Bela, Limpopo, Gauteng residents won’t need to drive far at all to feel as though they’ve escaped into the wilderness. Not only will you get to marvel at your fellow campers’ camping trailers and caravans, but you can enjoy tons of birdlife, wildlife, and stunning nature. Koro-Koro Safari Lodge is known for its heated pool, bicycle trails, and the Hooligan Bar at the main lodge. Our rally will be happening in the caravan park but you are free to book your stay at their bush camp or the Marula House on site.

What it’s All About

We love it when guests attend the rally and boast their decked our camping trailers and caravans. It doesn’t matter, though, whether you’ve brought one of your own trailers, a custom-built motorhome, or just some snazzy equipment – we are keen to talk to you and find out about it! You’ll get to meet people from all over the country and chat about the best 4×4 trails, camping hotspots, and lifesaving equipment to take along on that next trip. Sunny skies, a cold beer in hand, and plenty to keep the kids busy – what could be better?

How to Book Your Stand

Limited stands are available, so we encourage guests to book as soon as possible. All you need to do is visit the Koro-Koro Safari Lodge website or email them at The rally begins on Friday, 15 May at 14:00 and ends on Sunday at 17:00, so be sure to arrive early to make the most of the experience.

If you would like to invest in one of our camping trailers or 4×4 caravans before then or talk to us about extra features, equipment, and advice on your Conqueror product, don’t hesitate to send us a message today.