Camping Trailers Johannesburg

by dewet | Jan 18, 2020

Our Johannesburg Branch Offers Camping Trailers, 4×4 Caravans, and More

Bushwhacking your way through the road less travelled takes grit, resourcefulness, and, in our opinion, state-of-the-art equipment that will not let you down. Here at Conqueror Johannesburg, we keep our finger on the pulse of the industry when it comes to what our valued customers want and need in their camping trailers, 4×4 caravans, and accessories. While we cannot define what adventure looks like in your book, we can help you enjoy every leg of your journey. To find out more about our brand, what we offer, and how our Johannesburg branch can assist you, keep reading.

Your 1-Stop Shop in Johannesburg

Conqueror Northgate, Johannesburg is one of the leading Conqueror dealerships in South Africa. Managed by the passionate and hardworking Vivian Torlage, this branch understands adventure travel, outdoor exploration, and camping. Since its opening in 2011, our Johannesburg dealer has established a client base that trusts their commitment to excellence and value for money.

A Range of Camping Trailers to Suit Your Needs

Because Conqueror Manufacturers began over 30 years ago, we have more than three decades of experience when it comes to the industry. Having started out as a manufacturer of military trailers, we understand what it takes to craft a tough-as-nails towing vehicle. For the core frames in our designs, we make use of electrogalvanised steel, while aluminium is used for the body’s construction. We pay special attention to quality chassis and suspension designs to ensure your ride is smooth. Our selection of camping trailers come in various sizes and are suited to spacious, comfortable living. Features such as ample workspace, storage, and a large living area make each off-road trailer perfect for a solo expedition or family getaway.

Ultra-Comfortable 4×4 Caravans

Travelling is much more enjoyable when the experience is comfortable and even somewhat luxurious. Like our camping trailers, our 4×4 caravans are made from electrogalvanised steel and aluminium but also feature a patented independent suspension system with stabilisers. This system allows for easier handling, increased ride height, and smoother manoeuvrability. Living in one of our off-road caravans will not only remind you of the comforts of home but allow for simplified living that sets up and packs away in no time at all.

A Full Selection of Accessories

Apart from the multitude of features that come with our camping trailers and caravans, you can equip each model with a selection of top-quality accessories we offer. Insta-Awn designs, foldable solar-panel kits, chairs, and even fridges and freezers are just some of the additional products that your chosen model will easily accommodate – no fuss.

Friendly, Professional Services and Assistance

We have technical, support, and sales teams available to provide you with superior service with a smile. Whether you need help with accessory fittings, repairs, servicing, or even some advice on how to care for an maintain your off-road trailer or caravan, we will gladly assist you.

To get to know us a little better and find camping trailers, 4×4 caravans, or accessories, don’t hesitate to visit our Johannesburg branch or get in touch with us online.